Laying bare the flaws -is- the first step of a solution. If the general populace is able to perform a more rigorous systemic critique of the country's economic and political structures, it will empower itself. We are, at least superficially, intended to function as a representative democracy. That only functions as well as the electorate is informed, and the obstacles in that arena (the Citizens United SCOTUS ruling, gerrymandering, etc) can only be tackled by people who grasp the root disease underling the many symptoms.

Once you get the nation to class consciousness, good conversations can and will emerge — over specific policy items like UBI, ranked choice voting, public banking, and so on. Conversations that look at the relationships between quality of life outcomes and state expenditure; get the average American to ask why other countries with less GDP produce better outcomes in so many QOL facets.

It's complex and there's going to be disagreement. But thankfully these conversations are already occuring within a small (woefully small) section of historical materialists; there is already plenty of material available for the open mind.

But step one is opening those minds.

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