I'm not the first anti-capitalist that was ever born. There's plenty of good literature and newer theory on how to move forward.

Bregman's "Utopia for Realists" offers specific policies (there's a deep dive on a working format of UBI worth talking about), Erik Olin Wright has written on strategic logic ("Envisioning Real Utopias,", "How to Be an Anticapitalist...") Also worth reading are Macnair, Dauvé, Rooksby, Lih and the other so-called neo-Kautskyists.

The truth is that there's still debate on exactly how to proceed, even within the left space. But recognizing capitalism as the central problem is the beginning of those conversations; my rhetoric is aimed at casuals (and to an extent, "progressives") who are only beginning their critiques, only beginning to see the framework of Democrats vs. Republicans as capitalist political theater, a framework ultimately too limited to bring about change.

We really can't underestimate the value of the average person being brought to this understanding. Achievements within electoralism aren't the most reliable form of change, but they are certainly part of any good strategy moving forward and not to be ignored. So some of the "specific better" becomes immediately available to us just by educating folks and getting them to be critical of corporate lobbyists and the politicians who take their money. It's a good start, and it's quite specific.

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