I think all important discussions revolve around how to overcome capitalism, how to move beyond it. It already enjoys relative invisibility among the general populace; few people holding negative views of socialism or communism can even accurately define those terms or understand their history. The propaganda over the last few decades has been overwhelming and very effective.

I find that the closer anyone looks at capitalism, the more those downsides become clear. The more “might not be best” becomes “obviously untenable for the survival of the species.”

If I write with emotion, it’s because the suffering of the people impacted by those downsides you refer to are centered in my moral and political worldview. Their pain isn’t an afterthought, isn’t acceptable, isn’t normal to me. They are recurring atrocity, a sort of living nightmare.

We’ve got citizens with super-yachts and citizens going hungry. We’ve got more empty houses than houseless people. The term “medical bankruptcy” is a real existing thing. Much of this is normalized, much of this disconnected from “capitalism” in the mind of the average voter. Maybe we won’t see eye to eye on this, but I think being forceful with our rhetoric against capitalism is the only form of clear thinking there is.

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