a list of guy things

strawberries and strawberry-flavored things


therapy, embracing vulnerability

reading and writing poetry

cute things, including pets or art w/ cute aesthetics, and the wiggle emoji my discord friends see me use a lot

talking about feelings, insecurities, hopes, fears


floral art and patterns


intersectional feminism


not trying to seem cool

delicate, colorful phrases like ‘lank and cadaverous beauty’

hugging and other forms of touch that are affectionate without necessarily being sexual

sex that celebrates connection rather than imitating it or attempting to replace it

well-written fictional romances

real life romances

telling my friends, including my guy friends, that i love them

dancing and being silly

my high pitched laugh

my excitable nature when around people im comfortable with

my enthusiasm for niche geeky things

your enthusiasm for niche geeky things

moisturizing and exfoliating

fashion as creative expression

views of the stars


the caretaking of my inner child

loving myself

i write love letters from the void. editor of The Anticapital, bylines @ LEVEL | P.S. I Love You | The Writing Cooperative